Petr Macek

I come from a small village Přestanov, which is a historical site of Napoleonic battles. As a little boy, I often visited my aunt’s photo studio, who gave me a great willingness to look into the art of photography. This period together with art interest in art school undoubtedly laid the basis for my current photographic aktivity.

I was brought to photography by the need to capture what was happening on the dance floor, especially within our dance courses, which we have been running with my wife Alice for more than 10 years. However, the obligation developed into a hobby that has come into all areas of my life. Soon I started to use my camera to capture the experiences of my trips, the beauty of nature and everyday moments. I like to capture moments and life stories. Currently I focus on portrait photography and wedding photography. These disciplines are usually emotionally very strong…
For larger photography projects I work with my photographic colleague, my son Jan, where I can always rely on perfect professional work.
This is a benefit I offer to my clients in addition. All this in professional quality, which we both guarantee.
Your wedding photographer Petr Macek